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Texas Energy Exchange

At Texas Energy Exchange, we strive to build personal relationships with our customers and to be available when you need us.  When it comes to managing energy costs, knowledge is power.  Electricity rates are driven by a number of dynamic variables, which makes it difficult to know when to sign and how to structure the contract. Texas Energy Exchange takes a data-driven approach to energy procurement. We track the variables that impact electricity rates and use that data to uncover the best times to execute a contract. Our mission at Texas Energy Exchange is to make the energy market more transparent, so you can be confident in your power to choose.

Our Leadership

Max Farmer

Member & President

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Matt Benham

Vice President

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Woman Owned 

Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Vendor

Our President and managing member, Cynthia Farmer, has been a successful business owner in Central Texas for more than 20 years.  Her other company, Texas Office Systems, is one of the top mailing dealerships in the United States.            


Janet N., Office Manager

A no-brainer for the cost-conscious business owner. Texas Energy Exchange watches the electricity market daily and alerts us of the best time to sign our next contract. This service makes it incredibly easy to stay on top of our energy costs.

Jerry M., Managing Partner

We used to get on the phone and contact multiple energy suppliers to find the lowest energy rate. The process was time consuming and frustrating. When we started working with TEX, everything got a lot easier.  They send us offers from all the top suppliers for a quick and easy decision. I highly recommend Texas Energy Exchange to any business looking to save time and money.

Randy S., Business Owner

Dealing directly with providers for customer service can take forever. Texas Energy Exchange is quick to respond with support any time we have billing questions, power outages, or if we have any issues with our current provider. To the TEX team, you guys are awesome!

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