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  • Who's the best provider with the cheapest rates?
    We only work with highly reputable providers, so you can expect reliable customer service from each. Pricing changes each day, so the most competitive provider changes just as frequently.
  • Can I sign a new contract with a different provider while my current contract is still active?
    Yes! Most businesses can contract up to five years out from today's date and can even have multiple forward start contracts in place. You just want to make sure your forward start contract(s) don't overlap to avoid paying an ETF (early transfer fee).
  • When's the best time to sign an electric contract?
    Rates change every 15 minutes making it hard to know when to lock in a contract. Our analysts track daily movements of the Natural Gas Futures market (NYMEX) and make recommendations based on pricing trends and market forecasts. We will keep in touch and let you know when to sign for the lowest rate before your current contract ends.
  • If I switch providers, will there be an interuption in service?"
    Switching providers is a seamless transition. You will not have to notify your current provider or local utility; that is handled for you by your selected provider. The selected provider will schedule a switch date with the utility, and the utility will notify your current provider as part of the switch process. There will be no interruption in your electric service, and you can expect the same reliability through your local utility.
  • Can I get better rates through the provider direct?
    Typically, no. When going direct to a provider, you work with direct sales agents that are trying to earn their salary or make a commission. We work for you and make the same reguardless of the supplier you choose, so our interest are aligned with you getting a great deal.
  • How soon can I sign my next contract?
    If you have less than five years remaining on your active contract, you can sign right now.
  • What is a basis charge?
    A basis charge is the price difference between energy generated (the HUB) and energy delivered to your meter (the Load Zone). When there is congestion on the grid additional resources are delployed to supply the full amount of energy to your meter.
  • What is a Letter of Authorization (LOA)?
    A LOA allows Texas Energy Exchange to request historical usage data from your local utility which is needed for custom pricing.

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