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Contract Management

Outsource your energy management tasks to an experienced team. Save time tracking renewals, handling billing issues and resolving problems related to your electric service.  

We help you know when to sign.

It's not how you buy, but knowing when to buy that finds you the best price.

What drives electric prices?

Natural Gas Prices

Natural gas is the main fuel source used to generate electricity. When natural gas prices fall, so do electricity rates. 


Weather patterns have a big impact on electricity rates in the short term. Extreme heat or cold drives demand, which pushes energy prices higher.


Excess electricity on the grid helps keep prices low. When there isn't enough electricity to meet demand, blackouts occur and prices trend upwards.

Lock in rates at the perfect time. 

Stay up to date on market news and lock in rates when prices drop. Our team monitors the key factors that influence energy prices to identify the optimal time to shop for your next contract.  Our goal is to keep you informed, so you're able to make confident choices and avoid surprises.

Multi-location Management

Property Management

Easily manage renewals and billing for a large number of properties. 

Continuous Service Agreements

Ensure quick make-ready with an agreement built for property managers.

Marketing agreements

Get paid a commission each time a tenant signs a contract through our service.

Contract Consolidation

Consolidate a large group of properties under one umbrella contract.

Customer Support

We act on your behalf with suppliers to handle anything you need.

  • Account Managment

    • Adding and Deleting Meters

    • New Location Usage Proxies  

    • Account Transitions 

  • Billing

    • Billing Preferences

    • Bill Consolidation

    • Bill Audits & Reimbursements

    • Sales Tax Exemptions & Reimbursements

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